Reuniting yoga & Ayurveda with Julia Clarke
Wednesday, July 26

Ever wondered why some of us respond better to music and others to massage, while some of us feel at home climbing mountains and others surfing the ocean? Ayurvedic Practitioner Julia Clarke guides you in her signature Dosha Flow© class, reuniting the time tested disciplines of yoga and its holistic sister science Ayurveda, to illuminate how the five elements help determine your unique nature. Ayurvedic philosophy asserts that our physiology at the quantum level is the consequence of the five elements, or Panchamahabhutas, and that our five senses, the Indriyas, develop in conjunction with the elements so that we can perceive our deep connection with the Universe around us. Yoga gives us tools to embody this wisdom by experiencing the subtle qualities of earth, water, fire, air and space through movement and meditation. Dosha Flow© will deepen your understanding of yourself and others as we move through the elements from earth to space and back again.

About the author: Julia Clarke
Julia's creative and passionate teaching weaves her deep connection with nature and her love of Ayurveda through dynamic and powerful Vinyasa Flow, contemplative Yin Yoga and thoughtful Restorative Yoga.