Restore with Reiki

with Dana Knerl & Ellen Miller
Wednesday, October 18, 6 – 7:30 pm
$25 (Limited to 12 people)


There is universal life energy all around us, and through Reiki, this energy is channeled to heal and balance. Reiki is a gentle touch therapy that promotes relaxation and integration of mind, body, and spirit. In this unique workshop, Dana Knerl, Reiki Master and Certified Holistic Nurse, will join Restorative Yoga teacher Ellen Miller to offer Reiki with hands-on assists to activate healing and restore wellness while you are guided through supported, restorative poses. Combining these two healing modalities, these teachers and climbers will guide you on the path to a higher state of wellness as we head into the summer.

About the author: Julia Clarke
Julia's creative and passionate teaching weaves her deep connection with nature and her love of Ayurveda through dynamic and powerful Vinyasa Flow, contemplative Yin Yoga and thoughtful Restorative Yoga.