5 Steps for Forming a Healthy Habit

We know one of the hardest parts of this pandemic has been the loss of routine. Yoga’s sister science Ayurveda considers a nourishing daily routine, called Ritucharya,  to be the keystone of good health and stress reduction. Without it, we can experience interrupted sleep, wake up feeling sluggish, and worst of all not get to our mats!
If you feel like you’ve lost your connection to your practice these last few months, you’re not alone. If you are now seeking more structure in your life, we borrowed these 5 tips from Julia’s book Restorative Yoga for Beginners (inspired by James Clear’s Atomic Habits) to get you back to your mat:

1. Start small
One of our biggest mistakes when trying to create (or recreate) a habit is aiming too high. “I’m going to get back to doing yoga seven days a week!” always somehow gets rain checked till next week. If you’ve lost the connection to your practice, why not try just aiming for one class this week?

2. Increase slowly
There’s nothing like going from zero to sixty and ending up sore and burnt out. Take one class this week, two the next, and keep increasing until you reach your goal.

3. Break it up
You guys, we live in the mountains! Yoga is an incredible complement to your active lifestyle but by no means intended to be a replacement for biking and hiking. Schedule your yoga practices for your recovery days, or stick to a Root class after an active day.

4. Plan for imperfection
It’s summer and we should be enjoying ourselves. You’ll miss a yoga practice here and there and when you do, it won’t detract at all from your overall progress. Just come back the next day!

5. Practice patience
If not to cultivate patience, what have we been holding all those planks for?! Times are tough, be gentle with yourself, and let your practice be an opportunity to provide compassionate self-reflection and not self criticism.

We hope this PSA can help you get back on your mat and into our lives. We miss you!

About the author: julia2