Vinyasa Yoga

Meaning “to move with intention”, our Vinyasa classes are characterized by¬†intelligent, thoughtful progressions taught through breath based movement that are crafted to invite insight into your personal evolution as you feel the rhythms of nature within your own body. Though each class reflects the distinct personality and strengths of the teacher, you can expect fluid sun salutations, dynamic core cultivation and standing poses all designed to cultivate a peak pose or state, usually with some laughter along the way. Our Vinyasa classes have three different distinctions:


These classes are often slower paced, and focus on opening the roots of your body (hips, hamstrings) for an earthy and contemplative experience.

Suitable for all levels


These classes invoke the fire element through dynamic movement and may be faster paced and explore accessible arm balancing and backbends for an energizing and inspiring experience.

Suitable for all levels but, some experience is helpful.


These classes are perfect for those ready to take their practice to the next level and may explore more advanced poses as well as advanced breath techniques and meditation for an integrated and empowering experience.

Some experience advised


Our signature yoga class denotes the very essence of mountain yogis: strong, curious, courageous and discerning! We recognize that mountain yogis are naturally drawn to practices that are creative and inspiring, yet more often than not need the down tempo therapy of deep stretching and relaxation, so we created Mountain Soul Flow, which begins with a fire stoking, fluid Vinyasa practice then drops you into a delicious serving of Restorative and Yin Yoga poses, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation.

Suitable for all Mountain Yogis


Restorative Yoga uses props to hold the practitioner in supported supine and seated poses in such a way that the body and mind can relax deeply. Our Restorative Yoga classes are characterized by the use of thoughtful imagery and inspired meditations to guide you into a deeper state of rest. Restorative Yoga is a vital practice of rest and receptivity in our busy world.

Restorative Yoga is particularly valuable for active Mountain Yogis.


Though energetically similar to Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga uses props and gravity to create deep stretching and invite myofascial release. Designed to keep the connective tissue supple and your body mobile.

Yin Yoga is particularly valuable for active Mountain Yogis.


Yoga Basecamp is a gentle class designed for those new to yoga, aging athletes 50+, and those with limited mobility or working with injuries. You will receive an introduction to the language of yoga, foundational yoga postures, body awareness, breath work and relaxation within a playful and safe environment.

This class moves at a slower pace than others, and personal modifications and use of props is encouraged.

Participants should be comfortable getting up and down from the floor.

$14 drop in.


A practice of honoring yourself, your body and what it needs. We explore balance, comfort, agility, ease, efficiency, and movement that is natural & optimal. This class is both restorative and stimulating. We explore body alignment and maintaining our center in stillness and in motion. This is a martial art as well as a self-care practice; both calming & powerful. The intent is to nourish and nurture the body, mind, & spirit. Students will learn to move using energy and breath, not only with muscles & strength. This is a practice of longevity. All levels welcome. Yang Style Tai Chi.