Cold Pressed juice is just that. Cold and Pressed. Our juice is cold pressed using state of the art, 2 stage juicers. Our lil’ guy is the Norwalk Press and then we have the Good Nature X-1 juicer. Due to the lack of high temperatures in the grinding process, our cold pressed juices are able to be bottled and stored nutrient rich for several days. The juice is separated from the pulp during the pressing, allowing each bottle to be filled with the juice of considerably more produce than with the pulp left in. After pressing, the pulp is so drained it’s dry to the touch.


We are committed to providing only 100% organic food grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or added preservatives. If we can’t get it organic, we won’t. That’s a promise. Another promise is that we will do everything we can, everyday, to provide you with a steady supply of delicious organic fruits, veggies, and snacks.


We take great care to extract the best organic nutrient dense juice possible.  How could we then dream of nuking it?  Wholesale juice companies use heat pasteurization and high pressure processing to reduce a theoretical population of “pertinent” microorganisms in the juice by 99.999%. That is important, and necessary if you want wholesale juice to be shelf stable for a long time.  These processes however diminish and destroy vital nutrients and enzymes in fresh cold pressed juice.  Our juice is never pasteurized, truly fresh with a short shelf life, it has to be local!