Georgina Baker began taking yoga as a home practice, and it wasn’t long before she was drawn to join a studio and embrace a community. Baker took her first teacher training with Gina Caputo and Julia Clarke in Vail, followed by a training with Rusty Wells in California. She is the co-founder of Mountain Soul Yoga, and has been teaching yoga in the Vail Valley since 2013. Baker sees yoga as a catalyst of change and awakening — physically, mentally and emotionally, and as a constant exploration of shifting anxiety into ease, dark into light, stagnancy into flow. For Baker, the practice gave her the courage and trust to open Mountain Soul Yoga; to create a place where others could come to experience intelligent movement and personal awakening. Baker teaches intentional sequencing and guides her students to move slowly and deliberately with their breath. In her classes, students can begin to cultivate their own path of positive transformation and acceptance, helping them explore their full potential in their practice and out in the world.