Jess has been teaching yoga since 2016, infusing her vinyasa yoga teaching with philosophy, mantra, and sound healing. She’s a Bhakti Yogi perpetually inspired by mantra, philosophy, and Kirtan. She initially found yoga through her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice in 2016. Though she began her practice with the intention of increasing flexibility to better improve her martial arts performance, she discovered much more than originally anticipated. Yoga changed the entire trajectory of her life, continually challenging her to choose the path of love, ease, and grace. Through yoga, she found permission to dive heart first into her aspirations. Shortly after completing her training, she left her career in technology and began living her life according to her life’s vocation as a yogi. She encourages her students to cultivate their own bhakti (devotion) from within, so that they may begin to follow their heart’s true north with compassion, kindness, and love. 


Jess currently holds her E-RYT 200HR certification and is a Yoga Therapist in Training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy’s 800HR Yoga Therapy Program.