Prana: The Subtle Science of Practice with Jeremy Wolf

Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra Training
with Jeremy Wolf
March 27-29, 2020

Designed for teachers and practitioners seeking depth, this weekend will be an exploration into the science of prana and mind intended to accelerate the potential of transformation in one’s practice. We’ll explore a variety of methods to awaken this potential including asana, pranayama, bandha, meditation and Yoga Nidra. As informed teachers you’ll better understand how to meet the needs of students in both group and private settings. As informed practitioners you’ll be more skillful in selecting your methodology for achieving the most effective results in your personal practice.

$285 Entire Weekend
$65 Single Session


Chitta & Prana: The Dance of Mind and Energy
Friday 6-9pm

Traditionally, yoga was a practice centered around the perpetual dance between the mind (chitta) and energy (Prana, or vital force). Sometimes seen as 2 fish that chase each other’s tail, one constantly influencing the other, this relationship sets the stage for our entire experience of life, easeful or chaotic. When we begin to understand the fundamental patterns under which each of these forces operate, we unlock our ability to shape, organize and refine their movements.

– How and why to select specific yoga practices
– Understanding practices that can energize, calm, or center
– Experience the potency of using mutually-supportive techniques

The Subtle Science of Practice
Saturday 9am-1pm

The various tools of yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, etc.) each carry a specific energetic signature (quality/effect). As we build our sensitivity to yoga practice “as an experience” we notice the outcome of different practices can have dramatically different effects. We’ll discuss some basic models for helping us categorize these tools in order to create practices that inspire profound shifts.

– Krishnamacharya’s 6 categories of poses based on form/function
– General energetic effects of different yogic tools
– The 3 Gunas (attributes) that shape all of experience

Pranayama – the Science of Breath
Saturday 2-6pm

The breath is our constant connection to the life sustaining force of prana. It is said that the quickest way to shape our physiology is through the breath. By understanding that both mind and body are constantly informed by the quality of how we breathe, we can skillfully deepen and empower our asana, pranayama and meditation practices.

– How breath extends the reach of asana into the psychological dimension
– The psychology and physiology of inhale/exhale and retention/suspension
– How to build and progress in pranayama practice

Meditation – Alignment for the Mind
Sunday 9am-1pm

In every moment the mind is aligning with something. It can either be helpful or unhelpful. Whatever we align with we identify with, and therefore have a corresponding experience. As our physical practice creates deliberate movement in the body, meditation creates deliberate movement of attention. In doing so, we can gather the diffused streams of mind and harness its true potential.

– Tools to begin or empower an existing meditation practice
– Pratyahara – the essential component in any meditation
– How asana truly can be a moving meditation of focus and intention

Yoga Nidra – Cosmic Sleep
Sunday 2-6pm

According to the teachings of yoga, at the center of everything is peace. There are many methods for approaching this center, and one is through the practice of letting go. As we let go of our identification with the contents of experience (circumstances, events, thoughts, emotions, beliefs) the current our attention begins to flow inward. Through a method of complete relaxation, the movement toward sleep becomes a doorway into profound healing and transformation.

– Learn the general theory behind this ancient sleep-based meditation
– Experience a complete session inspired by four different traditions
– Remember the source of peace is not only within you, but ever-accessible

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