Winter Soulstice Sound Bath

with Kristen Wertenberger
Saturday, December 21
$25 ($20 MSY members)
On the longest night of the year, join Minnesota-based guest teacher Kristen Wertenberger for an evening of healing sound. In this workshop, Kristen will share how to use sound for improved health & wellness and expanded consciousness. We will dive into the basics of frequency, vibration and resonance and explore the energetic pattern found in all of nature, which directly correlates to our musical scale.
During the sound bath, Kristen will utilize crystal singing bowls tuned to the 7 chakra frequencies, a Tibetan singing bowl, a gong, cymbals, and an ocean drum. This assists you in dropping into a deep state of meditation, allowing your body to shift away from stress, and begin its innate healing.
After 8 years in the recording and performing industry, Kristen moved into the wellness world and began studying massage, unified physics, and sound. Her sound therapy practice brings together her experience and knowledge, and is rooted in the science/spirituality connection.
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