Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Benner

February 20-23
Thu 6-9pm
Fri-Sun 10am-6:30pm
$415 early bird thru 1/20
$460 after 1/20
27 Continuing Education Hours
This training will focus on the incredibly therapeutic benefits of yin yoga on the physical, energetic and mental/emotional bodies (the Annamaya, Pranamaya and Manomaya Koshas), and lean into understanding how this practice helps the student connect with the Anandamaya Kosha. We will investigate the foundational shapes of yin yoga, seeking to understand the method of this practice, and exploring appropriate ways of modifying poses to meet individual students’ needs. Included in the training are daily yin yoga practices, and opportunities to work in partners and small groups for practical experience applying the information. You will viscerally integrate the information so that, upon completion, you will feel confident teaching yin yoga and also fielding students’ questions with confidence and true clarity. Topics to be addressed:
• Theory of Yin/Yang/Tao and how these concepts are embedded in the practice, and are vastly illuminating in a quest for balance
• Tension and Compression, two of yoga’s primary stressors
• Anatomy & Physiology: Bones, Muscles, Fascia and Organs
• Anatomical Uniqueness and “Inside-Out Alignment”
• Contraindications, and tailoring the practice to different populations.
• Nadis/Meridians, Organs and Emotions, Patterns of Excess, Deficiency and Balance (up to this point for all 3 training schedule options listed below. The following points will be reduced or eliminated in trainings less than 32 hours)
• A.A.F.F.R.: a formula for responding to emotional responses in yin yoga practice
• Breathing practices to invite the fullness of experience
• Safe, Sacred and Neutral: prerequisite for personal YINquiry
About the author: Julia Clarke
Julia's creative and passionate teaching weaves her deep connection with nature and her love of Ayurveda through dynamic and powerful Vinyasa Flow, contemplative Yin Yoga and thoughtful Restorative Yoga.