Yoga for Your Dosha

We’ve all been taught that repetition bears results, but active mountain folk know that when it comes to yoga, your one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always meet your unique needs. Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, recognizes three distinct characteristics (Doshas) in nature that show up in your body, mind, the seasons and even the time of day that influence how you feel and, more importantly, what you need from your practice. Our own Julia Clarke, who just graduated with an MS in Ayurveda, offers up three mini-practices for you to balance each Dosha in the latest CO Yoga+ Life magazine! Check out Yoga For Your Dosha for some tips on tailoring your practice to meet your unique needs, and learn more in Julia’s upcoming Dosha Flow© class on July 26!

About the author: Julia Clarke
Julia's creative and passionate teaching weaves her deep connection with nature and her love of Ayurveda through dynamic and powerful Vinyasa Flow, contemplative Yin Yoga and thoughtful Restorative Yoga.